Rigidur Marine is a gypsum board that has superior rigidity, durability and mechanical strength. The scratch resistant surface of Rigidur Marine is smooth enough to decorate or is a perfect substrate for laminating with surface finishes. High strength and rigidity can be achieved from using relatively thin boards. Therefore reduced weight interior linings can be considered for ship building projects that will enable other economic benefits to be realised – both new build and re-fit.
Rigidur Marine is a fire safe material that fulfils the strict MED requirements of ship building for non-combustibility.

Take a look at these features:
• Non-combustible to IMO FTPC pt1
• Fire resistant systems tested with Isover ULTIMATE
       o Class B30 bulkhead
       o Class A30 LW bulkhead
• Tolerant to moisture
• High strength and durability
       o Surface hardness of 35N/mm2 to Brinell
       o Strong and rigid making it ideal for applying laminated finishes
• Available in 10mm and 12.5mm thickness in a range of board sizes to suit most project requirements
      o 10mm board has a weight of only 10kg/m2
• A range of accessory products is available to make fixing and finishing an easy task



Product Data Sheet_Rigidur Marine 10 mm
Product Data Sheet_Rigidur Marine 12_5 mm
Brochure Gyproc Marine, English
Broschüre Rigidur Marine, Deutsch