MERA™ Fire Retardant Plywood

MERA™ Fire Retardant Plywood is made for ship's furniture and interior designs, and is steering-wheel certified by Det norske Veritas according to IMO FTPC 2010 part 5 (IMO Res A. 653 (16)).

MERA™ is a low flame-spread poplar plywood, conventionally produced. Optimera is phasing out the  MERA™ to be gradually replaced by the all new FIRESHIELD®.



Specie: poplar plywood (Spanish)
Quality: III/III (former BB/BB for HPL or veneers)
Thickness: 6-40mm
Glue: Class 2. Melamine gluing suitable to panels used in damp or in outside but sheltered places (UNI EN 636-1).
Weight:  420-480kg/m2
Environmental options:  PEFC or FSC on demand to a surcharge






Certificate MED-B
Certificate MED-D