FIPRO® Fire Protection Panels

FIPRO® vermiculite boards by Mineralka is widely known in the marine industry. Optimera is the agent of the Norwegian market for FIPRO® products.

Optimera is representative of a non-combustible and light-weight interior board made from a hard core and with several applications for shipbuilding and offshore industry.

Made from a natural raw mineral Vermiculite and being inorganic, FIPRO Fire Protection Panels poses no threat when it comes to hazardous substances and is free of asbestos.

Available in thicknesses 8-50mm and surface finish upon requests (laminates, wood veneers, wall coverings). Approved constructions for B-0, B-15 and A-60 class.

Contact us for more information regarding approved constructions and sertificates for bulkheads, ceilings, doors and floating floor.

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